We’re still locked down, but we’ll get up again…

The 7th February 2020, Dick Whittington’s, Gloucester – the last time we played together before all the craziness set in. To be fair its not looking good for the rest of this year is it?

Here’s to the next time we can all be in a venue, experiencing live music the way it was meant to be experienced – up close, personal, loud as fuck!

Still, we did manage to release a couple of tracks via Youtube: ‘Happiness is a Virtue’ a Gang of Four – esque bopper, good enough to grace any indie disco and ‘Take Me Down’ a lament on the perils of teenage suicide through social media. One thing you can never say about The Q is that we stick to a genre – we have shown and still are showing a great diversity in our songwriting – hopefully giving our listeners an interesting experience.

If you haven’t seen them, here are the videos in question:

The Q Happiness Is A Virtue
The Q Take Me Down

One thing the lockdown period has allowed is time to do some writing. Ive written and recorded a number of new song demos which hopefully we’ll get an opportunity to play and record as a band. Its been great fun for me and hopefully you’ll get to here full ‘The Q’ versions in the future.

Ive also been doing a bit of remixing – (yes you read it correctly) – I always thought that Happiness is a Virtue was ripe for a remix (taking nothing away from the original), if you fancy having a listen, here they are in all their ‘glory’:

Happiness Is A Virtue (Post Punk Mix)

Happiness Is A Virtue (Eyes On The Prize Mix)

Until next time, see you in the new normal

Take it Easy



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