The local music scene is alive and well and lives in Gloucester

To cap off our latest run of gigs this summer we find ourselves in our ‘home’ town (2 thirds of us at least). It’s Saturday night and we’re in the Old Bell on Southgate Street. A funny little place but a decent enough room. With shoppers on their way home we embark on building the stage! Yes ladies and gentlemen this is local music at its grassiest of roots – no roadies or technicians here just 7 musicians and a few friends all talking over each other trying to make their point on how best to form a stage in the room that we have….

A short while later we have a drum riser and some floor space which will do us fine, thank you.

With drums, back line, PA and lights all sorted the room is filling up and we embark the evenings entertainment. 1st to take the stage is Damon
– solo artist just him and his guitar and a songbook that belies his years! Really great songs, excellent voice and great appreciation from the audience.

Next up was us giving everything as usual from note 1 to the end. Very much enjoyed the show, audience were great and probably the best compliment we could have. ‘ I thought you were going to be a Jam/Who covers band, it was great that that you played all your own songs’. That’s us these days and long may it continue! Stand out songs for me Helicopter Seed, Take Me Down, Dance Around The Room, Useless.

To finish off a great evening the brilliant 14 Units – Pub Punk they call it, it’s definitely RnB but there’s also a tinge of country in there, a little bit of blues and plenty of good old punk rock! Think Dead Kennedys meets Doctor Feelgood and you won’t be far away. Anyway what ever it is I think it’s great and am now a big fan!

So, for at least one night the music scene in Gloucester was alive and well, but it will only stay alive and thrive if we continue to put on gigs and people come out to see bands. There must be loads of local bands who wish they could get gigs in their local area, tell your local venues that this is what you want! Most importantly when the gig comes round make sure you are there to support your local music scene!

Big thanks to 14 Units (especially Ash) for making it happen, Shawn and Michelle (great to see you -smashing T shirt Michelle!) and everyone that came out to see us.

We’re going to take a short break over the summer, but we’ll be back with you very soon for Swindon, Guildford and Southend!

In the meantime here’s some footage of our recent gig at The Joiners in Southampton…

Take it Easy


The Q

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