Camden – still the coolest place in London : The Q at The Dublin Castle 6th July 2019

What a way to follow up our adventures in Southampton! 7 days later and we’re in the Capital; Pride, The Who at Wembley, Stevie Wonder in Hyde Park and four great acts at The famous Dublin Castle, a place so steeped in North London musical history you can feel it coming out of the walls! It was an honour to be able to perform on the very stage that Amy Winehouse, Madness and many many more heroes had done so before us.

And so on to the proceedings: First up, from Bristol, Mortal Wounds; brilliant post-punk agit-rock allowing the band to share their years of suffering whilst proposing solutions for future. In your face from the first note – I bloody loved it!

Then came our good selves – rattling through our 9 song half hour. In my opinion we’re playing really well at the moment, From the appreciation we received from the audience, I think they might endorse it too! New songs Take Me Down and Useless seamlessly sitting alongside the more established The Social and Couldn’t Get Much Better, thanks again for everyone’s appreciation.

Mofgy were next on – think Arctic Monkeys, King Blues; right on the money indie pop/rock. High energy, funky tunes with excellent showmanship. These guys had a blast from the first chord – it was great to see. Mofgy are the future and we don’t have to worry if it’s in their hands.

Finally, Those Naughty Lumps – been there, done it, seen it, bought the t shirt and laughed at it all! They couldn’t take themselves seriously if they tried – and they demand that you don’t either. Proudly announcing that they have 4 songs in their set about premature ejaculation (they never get to finish any of them) Jackie Charlton and Heart Attack being stand out numbers for me.

And now to the thank you’s

Miles and Elsa from One By Me

Ben and Marion

All the other bands

The venue and promoter

Cheers and take it easy


The Q

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