You! Yes You! (And your friends) you really should get out more! – The Q at The Joiners 29th June 2019

This could turn into a ranty post from a frustrated musician about how people don’t go out to venues to support local independent music any more – but it isn’t.

Instead I want to tell you about what a FANTASTIC time we had in Southampton yesterday evening. Yes it was the hottest day of the year, Yes it was Glastonbury and Yes there was probably something unmissable on the telly, but wow, what a night we had! A massive thank you to everyone that did come to see all the acts on the bill last night. We were really pleased to be part of the 5 act bill that graced the stage at the amazing Joiners (Oneway Rob – the kind of placed you once dreamed of owning) a place completely steeped in indie/rock n roll history.

First up was Dan Goodchild, from Southampton. Wonderfully melancholy silky smooth vocals, awkward and confident at the same time – self penned tunes not one of them ever been released which is a real shame.

Then came Liam Wakefield, also an acoustic artist (tonight at least) with a touch of Americana (I hope that’s a compliment Liam) about him. Liam has just recorded his first(?) single.

Next to take the stage were Solcura, 90’s grunge rockers from Bournemouth. Great lads, with a ‘play anywhere’ attitude, also with a first single under their belt, in the words of Liam Wakefield they ‘rocked the shit’ out of us, incredibly solid well crafted heart on your sleeve songs.

Then came good old us! As you would expect from us, we gave it 150%, smashing through a 9 song set, a mixture of old and new -highlights for me: Helicopter Seed, Another Monday, Dance Round The Room and our set closer, Couldn’t Get Much Better. We took some video footage so hopefully some of it will be good enough for public viewing at some point in the near future. Thanks to everyone for being so complimentary.

Headliners TV Coma completed the evenings entertainment! They certainly did entertain! I couldn’t quite work out what I was witnessing but whatever it was made me smile! As their set went on things started to take shape for me, a superb mix of social comment and comedy – Green Day meets The Scissor Sisters. Mott The Hoople for the twenty first century anyone?

All in all a great night, making new friends and associates – big thanks to HPH for putting on the event.

Take it easy


The Q

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