My Life streaming activity

In 2013 we released the four Chemical Overload songs (Science, Communication Breakdown, My Life, Diamond July) digitally across various download and streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Google play etc). On a monthly basis we receive a report on how the songs are doing. Whilst I was having casual look at our general performance I noticed that there had been significant activity for the song My Life over the last few months and since November last year (2018) it has been streamed 747 times! Now in the big scheme of things 747 streams for any song isn’t a big deal and is microscopic in terms of established artists; however, when you’re used to getting maybe 4 or 5 streams and the odd download per song each month to see numbers in the hundreds per month is incredible!

So, if you are one of the 747 who has streamed the song, or indeed the one person who has streamed it 747 times – thank you!

It’s not going to make us millionaires (thankfully we’re not in it for that) but the knowledge that someone or people somewhere are listening is a great tonic!

Here’s a link to the video for those who haven’t seen it,




The Q

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