Not quite a ‘tube station’ but The Tramshed will definitely do!

Absolutely blinding night last night in Cardiff supporting FTJ and meeting our new friends The Riff. One of the best audiences we’ve ever had ( we really must get some more gigs in South Wales!). A real old school atmosphere leaving me with memories of all the great gigs we went to when we were kids!

We got the opportunity to showcase some of our newer tunes and the appreciation was fantastic – look out for some new recordings in the new year ‘Dance Around the Room’ ‘Couldn’t get Much Better’ ‘Scattered’ and ‘Stumble’ will be demo’d in January with a view to full recordings ASAP.

Really enjoyed The Riff – great bunch of lads from Swansea (2 support bands in Cardiff – one from Swansea, one from England – what chance did we have? 😀) these lads not only great blokes but have the songs to go far in my opinion.

FTJ – what can I say? Bang on Sound Affects set (Music for the Last Couple anybody?) and the best of the rest – so many great great songs. I’ve seen them many times now but that was one of the best!

And so on to The Queen Vic in Stroud on Saturday – last gig of the year – let’s make it a good ‘un!
Take it easy
PS if anyone has any photos of last night – please feel free to share them with us – Thanks

One thought on “Not quite a ‘tube station’ but The Tramshed will definitely do!

  1. Fair play lads never been big on support acts always been a good excuse to get another beer before a gig for me, but you held my attention blinding set and not just me everyone enjoyed you, it was a cracking night loved every minute please come back soon.

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