Waking up in a city that never sleeps – The Q in NYC

A day off for us today following last nights gig at Pianos in Manhattan. A decent breakfast in Brooklyn and then off to be tourists for the day! Before I came on this trip, there were three things I wanted to do and see:
Take the Staten Island Ferry
Buy a hot dog from a street vendor
Walk down a street with steam coming out of the grills in the pavement.

Having ticked the first two off the list we set about finding a suitable street with steam. The best thing to do when you find yourself in a strange town is to ask a police officer: we were respectfully advised that ‘you don’t want that steam’ by NYPDs finest as she informed us that the steam came from the sewers!

So 66% isn’t bad I guess…

Whilst in China Town we came across Fontanas bar: a cool watering hole with a soundtrack straight out of the late seventies. Cindy, our genial hostess for the afternoon is also a very talented artist and craftsperson. Have a look at some of her work here:


And so on to the final leg of our adventure; two shows at the IPO festival tomorrow, 17:45 and 22:30

Take it easy

The Q


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