Waking up in a city that never sleeps – The Q in NYC

Our first gig in NYC! The Trash Bar: just the kind of venue you would imagine; full of life’s rich pageant and intrigue. An unsurprisingly small gathering were there to see our inaugural show in the USA, however those who did attend showed enough enthusiasm for twice as many people. As with everywhere we’ve been so far, people are incredibly friendly and helpful. A pleasure to meet Kurtis from The Face radio show, Alex from Vladivostok and the legendary Slimkillsall (check him out at http://www.slimkillsall.com – unbelievable!)

Earlier in the day we took our first bus ride to Williamsburg where we were accused of being FBI agents by a certain member of the local community!

Lunch in Banters Pub watching the Champions league live was a bit weird (not used to live football on a Wednesday lunchtime) but enjoyable nonetheless. A quick browse around Southside Guitars, an amazing vintage guitar shop and a quick trip to Fred Perry resulting in some new shoes for Mike and we’re done for the day

Take it east

The Q




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