From the Archives: Through Your Eyes – original version

Unbelievable to think this original recording is ten years old! I remember Mike bringing this song to the band and being really impressed. I instantly liked it and still do. In a lot of ways I prefer this version that appeared on Takin’ a Detour Vol 3 than the one that eventually took a starring role on the Issues EP a couple of years later. What you see is definitely what you get with this version of TYE! Still a great song to play live and gets an outing every now and then…

Through Your Eyes on ITunes

New demos ‘ couldn’t get much better!’



Weve spent some time over the Christmas period getting some new demos together with a view to hopefully recording with Greg Haver in the spring.  4 or 5 new songs , some of them showcased at recent gigs, will be ready to unleash on the general public hopefully in the early summer. watch this space for progress updates…


Cheers and Happy New Year



The Q

Not quite a ‘tube station’ but The Tramshed will definitely do!

Absolutely blinding night last night in Cardiff supporting FTJ and meeting our new friends The Riff. One of the best audiences we’ve ever had ( we really must get some more gigs in South Wales!). A real old school atmosphere leaving me with memories of all the great gigs we went to when we were kids!

We got the opportunity to showcase some of our newer tunes and the appreciation was fantastic – look out for some new recordings in the new year ‘Dance Around the Room’ ‘Couldn’t get Much Better’ ‘Scattered’ and ‘Stumble’ will be demo’d in January with a view to full recordings ASAP.

Really enjoyed The Riff – great bunch of lads from Swansea (2 support bands in Cardiff – one from Swansea, one from England – what chance did we have? 😀) these lads not only great blokes but have the songs to go far in my opinion.

FTJ – what can I say? Bang on Sound Affects set (Music for the Last Couple anybody?) and the best of the rest – so many great great songs. I’ve seen them many times now but that was one of the best!

And so on to The Queen Vic in Stroud on Saturday – last gig of the year – let’s make it a good ‘un!
Take it easy
PS if anyone has any photos of last night – please feel free to share them with us – Thanks


One from Dec 13 – great review worth sharing again. Chemical Overload is available from the band at gigs and via

Band of Badgers Presents

chemical overloadChemical Overload by the hard hitting modern Punk/Rock prodigies: The Q. is an EP to set your mind ablaze. From its pulse pounding rhythms that forever drive their melodies into your mind, to the rip-roaring wail of the guitar work. If one could imagine The Jam, Whoand Ramonessat down and put together their minds and talent, the outcome may hold similarity to this modern reflection of the genre that truly gave the younger generations their voice and their say.

The passion in the vocals matches its worth in skill. The dynamic uses between lyrics and structure make every line stress the importance of each song’s meaning. Not to mention it’s perfection in style and tone for the genre. Lyrically, Punk/Rock has forever been intelligent and cunningly sharp, The Q are no exception from this norm and once more the vocals bring this intelligence forward to the crowd as much as the…

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Tramlines Festival – Maida Vale 25th July

looking forward to playing at Maida Vale as part of the Tramlines Festival in Sheffield. It was a great weekend last year and a superbly organised event. Heres the full line up for the weekend at Maida Vale – were on at 9pm Saturday. Hope to see you there

Tramlines at Maida Vale Saturday 25 July

Full line up for the Tramlines-Maida Vale Saturday 25 July 2015: 
We’re on a at 9pm and in great company throughout the day!


2pm- 2.30pm ‘Conor Houston’ (Recently toured as a session guitarist. Highlights included opening for Stevie Wonder, elaborate musical arrangements separate him from the ordinary singer-songwriter. Think discord, think Marmite. But ordinary? Definitely not.)


2.45pm-3.15pm ‘Bayonet’ ( Sheffield 4 piece playing Indie jangly uptempo Indie pop)


3.30pm-4pm ‘Malarkey Affair’ (Sheffield highly original outfit penching indelible catchy pop songs)


4.15pm -4.45pm ‘The Silence’ (Female fronted Durham based pop rockers with explosive live performance)


6pm-6.30pm ‘Warme’ (Bradford based Rock band that showcase Relentless riffs, progressive beats and sublime vocals- previously worked with Ian Maclagan for the Small Faces and cite Thin Lizzy and Weller as influences)


6.45pm-7.15pm ‘Broken Chords’ (London East End Boys with raw energy, fast paced Indie rock n Roll, who ‘love playing to Sheffielders!’)

7.30pm-8pm ‘House of Thieves’ (Nottingham based 4 piece playing Indie Rock n Roll Combining tight, intricate musicianship with gritty and sometimes romanticised lyrics. Lead singer has a baritone Spencer Davis lushness)


8.15pm-8.45pm ‘The Fargo Railroad Company’ (Good ol’ blues folks playing face melting Southern US Rock & Americana)


9pm 9.30pm ‘The Q’ ( Gloucester based Mod Covers & Mod revival band expect to hear…….. The Jam, The Who, Small Faces, The Kinks, Purple Hearts, Secret Affair)


9.45pm-10.15pm ‘The Frankley’s’ (all-girl garage rock’n’roll band based in London, featuring a rhythm section as solid and driving as an army tank! recently sold out the legendary 100 Club in that London)

Free Entry always! No wristband required!

Back at The Queen Vic, Stroud for a ‘diamond’July gig!

Really looking forward to our next gig back at the Queen Vic – If the last one is anything to go by it will be a cracking night! Put the date in your diary, get your best clobber on and come on down for night of fine, stompin’ modness! 

See you down the front! 

Take it Easy 


The Q

Tramlines Festival Sheffield – Maida Vale Saturday 25th July

For the second year running we’ll be playing the excellent Tramlines Festival in Sheffield. This time at Maida Vale on Saturday 25th July. On stage at 21:00 as part of a full line up of great bands, starting with Conor Houston at 14:00 and finishing with The Frankleys. Its free entry all day so we hope to see you there. What more do you want from a Saturday in July?

Take it Easy


The Q


Tonight! Live at Subtone, Cheltenham

Your last chance to see us live this year!

Never fear we will be back in 2015 but why not join us to finish a busy and exciting year with bang this evening!

Hopefully we’ll see you later – 20:45 onwards

It will be good to see all you smart and stylish people in your finery and strutting your stuff!

It’s going to be a mod, Chemical Overload!

See you later

The Q



Waking up in a City that never sleeps – The Q in NYC

The final instalment to document our time in New York. Collected images of us in NYC accompanied by a live (iPad) recording of The Social from our first set at the IPO at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn

To hear the recorded version of The Social go to

Take it Easy


Couldn’t Get Much Better

New song Couldn’t Get Much Better is turning into a bit of a band favourite!

Here’s some footage of us performing the song at the IPO in Brooklyn on our recent trip to New York and also at our recent shows in Reading and Cardiff supporting From The Jam.



Sub89 Reading

Two nights in support of From The Jam and two great gigs! Tonight’s show in Reading has topped off a hectic week but once again a brilliant enjoyable gig. A forty minute set of original material and from the first chord of The Social right through to Couldn’t Get Much Better, we let them know what new music for the modern world is all about. Once again fantastic support from the sell-out crowd. a big thank you from us all.


The Globe Cardiff last night

Great gig supporting From The Jam in Cardiff last night, as always a very enjoyable experience from the sound check right through to the last note!

Very privileged to be able to have our own private FTJ ‘gig’ whilst watching them sound check.

Setting Sons is my favourite Jam album so to be included as support at Cardiff and Reading tonight is brilliant!

Thanks to everyone who turned out last night. I’m sure you had a great night watching FTJ and we really appreciate the support you gave us too!

See if you can spot yourself in the crowd….

See you tonight in Reading

Take it Easy

The Q





Help to get the new album recorded and produced! (Lol)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your big chance to help us get the new album recorded and produced….


The table above shows the monetary value of one million streams on Spotify and various other music streaming/download sites. Five grand (approx £3.5k) would probably be enough to get our next album recorded and produced. So here’s the challenge – get streaming folks!

We’ll let you know when we receive the cheque from Spotify! 😃


Take it easy

The Q

Waking up in a city that never sleeps – The Q in NYC

And so to the IPO.. Two shows and an interview with Kurtis Powers of The Face radio on BBOX. We’ve met so many great people over the last few days, all of whom have been incredibly supportive of The Q

Check out Kurtis’ show The Face’ here

Really big thanks to Dave Bash, Dave Boogieman for their support and putting us on twice on the last day of the IPO. Our performances were typically ‘Q’ like – full of energy and passion with new song ‘Couldn’t get much Better’ the stand out song in the set for me.

Tomorrow it’s packing up and back to the airport and the UK

See you soon

Take it easy

The Q




Waking up in a city that never sleeps – The Q in NYC

A day off for us today following last nights gig at Pianos in Manhattan. A decent breakfast in Brooklyn and then off to be tourists for the day! Before I came on this trip, there were three things I wanted to do and see:
Take the Staten Island Ferry
Buy a hot dog from a street vendor
Walk down a street with steam coming out of the grills in the pavement.

Having ticked the first two off the list we set about finding a suitable street with steam. The best thing to do when you find yourself in a strange town is to ask a police officer: we were respectfully advised that ‘you don’t want that steam’ by NYPDs finest as she informed us that the steam came from the sewers!

So 66% isn’t bad I guess…

Whilst in China Town we came across Fontanas bar: a cool watering hole with a soundtrack straight out of the late seventies. Cindy, our genial hostess for the afternoon is also a very talented artist and craftsperson. Have a look at some of her work here:

And so on to the final leg of our adventure; two shows at the IPO festival tomorrow, 17:45 and 22:30

Take it easy

The Q


Waking up in a city that never sleeps – The Q in NYC

And so to Pianos… Situated in lower Manhattan, this happening little venue hosted two separate gigs with bands from New York, Los Angeles and us from across the pond. The Cabinet Makers kicked off the show playing their own brand of Jazz – with original takes on the great American songbook. Adam, an acoustic act, followed them; with us as the last band on. A full, mod-packed forty minutes later and it was all over far too soon.

All in all a very enjoyable evening, with the upstairs crowd very supportive of all the acts on the bill.

Earlier in the day Shane and I had walked from the edge of China Town to Times Square – little did we know that it would take us nearly three hours! Having said that it was a great way to see parts of New York that we maybe wouldn’t have ordinarily seen (Madison Avenue, 5th Avenue)
Stay tuned for more news!

Take it easy

Tim (FBI agent)
The Q


Waking up in a city the never sleeps – The Q in NYC

A rainy day in New York. A busy day in Bay Ridge with Dave Boogieman. Saw the sights (through the fog) of the Brooklyn shore and sampled Dave’s excellent hospitality whilst being interviewed for Radio New York International over Pizza. A quick stop off at the Guitar Centre to rectify a few technical issues from the night before and then we were back out to Bar Matchless to see a few of the IPO bands. We only just managed to get in as we found out that we needed photo i.d. (I’m 47 years old!) but after a bit of persuasion we had a great night.

‘Dentist’ played a great set and were the highlight of the evening.

Take it easy

The Q





Waking up in a city that never sleeps – The Q in NYC

Our first gig in NYC! The Trash Bar: just the kind of venue you would imagine; full of life’s rich pageant and intrigue. An unsurprisingly small gathering were there to see our inaugural show in the USA, however those who did attend showed enough enthusiasm for twice as many people. As with everywhere we’ve been so far, people are incredibly friendly and helpful. A pleasure to meet Kurtis from The Face radio show, Alex from Vladivostok and the legendary Slimkillsall (check him out at – unbelievable!)

Earlier in the day we took our first bus ride to Williamsburg where we were accused of being FBI agents by a certain member of the local community!

Lunch in Banters Pub watching the Champions league live was a bit weird (not used to live football on a Wednesday lunchtime) but enjoyable nonetheless. A quick browse around Southside Guitars, an amazing vintage guitar shop and a quick trip to Fred Perry resulting in some new shoes for Mike and we’re done for the day

Take it east

The Q




Waking up in a city that never sleeps -The Q in NYC

So here we are: Brooklyn NYC. A lengthy 8 hour flight plus an hour in a taxi and we finally arrived at our ‘home’ for the next week. Greeted by the lovely Debra and Toni we instantly felt at home.

Being the hardly travellers that we are and despite the tiredness and jet lag we set about embarking on a trip to Manhattan to take in the sights and sounds of Time Square. It was then back to Brooklyn to chill out in our new local for the week.

Stay tuned for more tales of NYC

Take it easy

The Q





Waking up in a City that Never sleeps – The Q in NYC

Well after what seems a life time of waiting The Q are heading to New York!

Currently having a coffee at Costa in Terminal 2 Heathrow, we’ll soon be checking in and on board.

Hopefully, no promises though, we’ll be keeping you updated on all our adventures, gigs and the sights and sounds of Brooklyn, Manhattan and who knows where else!

See you soon, take it easy

The Q


Tramlines Festival Sheffield

PaperArtist_2014-07-28_16-22-53 20140726_123026 20140726_114641Really enjoyable gig at DaDa in Sheffield as part of the Tramlines Festival. Very Hot, in fact too hot but we still managed to get a decent audience which was great! Thanks to all who came to see us, we appreciate your support and hopefully we’ll be back soon (for the Mod night on a Friday?),

I tweeted the other day about how great the Tramlines Festival is and now I’ve had a couple of days to reflect I haven’t changed my mind – loads of great venues across the city ranging from the ‘official’ site with all the names through to street entertainment. Sheffield really does embrace it’s festival – there’s obviously a shed load of time and energy put into it from the council to volunteers, venues and bands.

Congratulations Sheffield – every town and city should have an event like this!



The Q

The Q Live !

Regular readers will already know this…

This is how we pay for the recording and production of new original music: by getting out there and playing live!


Whether it’s the O2 academy or your local pub, in front of 6 or 600; well give you a performance that’ll get you on the dance floor!

Be great to see you at one (or more) of the shows. Be sure to stay tuned – new dates are being added all the time!

The Q

Pontllanfraith (hope I’ve spelt it right!) last night…


Absolutely cracking night last night in the Welsh valleys ! Big thank you to Enjoy Yourself Scooter Club for putting us on. Fantastic Crowd, great sound all coming together for a good few hours of ‘Q’ style mod! From the opening chords of Strange Town right through to the sing a long version of David Watts we had a ball and left the stage as it should be left – knackered, sweaty ( and a bit grumpy at having to pack all the kit away ;) ) Apologies to those who were trying to leave the car park while we were loading the trailer!

Look forward to a return gig – hope to see our Welsh friends again soon

See you in Nottingham on Good Friday

The Q


New gig announced in aid of Cancer Charities

The Q will be playing at Nells Bar in Willenhall on Saturday 19th April. The gig will be a fundraising event for Breast Cancer Care and Cancer Research UK. If you’re in the area (or even if you’re not) come on down and give us your support, it’ll be a great night and also help to raise valuable funds for worthy charities.

Tell your friends !


The Q


March of The Mods! (and beyond)

Sunday 2 March sees us undertake our first leg of the March of The Mods 2014 in Luton. Events that we’re really proud to be associated with and part of. MOTM kicks off a busy spring for us with trips to South Wales, Croydon and Nottingham alongside a home town support slot with From the Jam and a good old knees up over the Bank Holiday in Gloucester! As always we’ll be very happy to see you at one or more of these amazing events! #theqmodfollowers

Take it easy and stay sharp

The Q





Science to be featured on the We are the Mods February show,

Received the following from DJ Warren Peace…

We are the Mods is airing on 8th Feb and will be available for download after that (featuring the Q and ‘Science’ which is our office’s fave track right now!) I will be sending you flyer and URL for the show as SOON as it airs so you can promote with your fan base and drum up some excitement, but in the meantime, can you share the event and let them know your lads are featured? URL is here:
Cheers, WP

subscribe to the show on or iTunes. It is THE Show to be listening to for all things Mod…

Take it easy


Chemical Overload e.p. distributed by Time for Action records…

‘Brand new 4 track EP on 12inch with a stripped-down sound full of energy, soul and imagination. These guys celebrate a mind blowing mix of 60´s RockPop and late 70´s/early 80´s Mod Revival/post-punk UK. But it doesn’t stop here. Once again The Q capture that working class edge – the scuffles and annoyances from our streets and society today. Produced by Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers) the songs reminds to bands like the Damned, The Jam, Gang Of Four and the Godfathers to name a few.’

A bargain at 6 euros plus p&p

Visit to order your copy.

Chemical Overload is also available from Blazer Records

£5 plus p&p

The Q

2014! The Q Spring into Action!


Some great stuff coming up for us in the months ahead! March of The Mods, FTJ, Parkas Bar for The Q ‘sixties experience’ and much more…

Don’t forget – the Chemical Overload e.p. is on sale through Blazer records and Time for Action you can also still get hold of Sonically Sound and The Issues e.p. too

Stay tuned for more news….

The Q

Chemical Overload e.p. out now!

Released on 9th December, our new 12 inch vinyl e.p. could be winging its way on to your turntable for the paltry sum of 5 quid!

All you have to do is pay the Blazer Records site a visit and job done! A copy will be all yours!



The Q

Chemical Overload e.p. released 9th Dec 2013


Chemical Overload the new 12inch vinyl e.p. will be released on Blazer Records.

To order your copy go to: or

Follow Blazer Records on twitter @blazer_records


Here’s a taster – our new video for Communication Breakdown

The Q